About us

The establishment of the Joti Jain Biotech is an attempt to initiate multidisciplinary research and enhance the awareness and appreciation of biotechnology at the local and international levels.
There are several good institutions currently working on various aspects of biotechnology. Several universities offer multiple degrees in this discipline. However, there is a severe lack of appreciation of biotechnology at the public and industrial levels. Coordination and exchange of information among institutions and practitioners of biotechnology are less than adequate. Therefore, there is a need for a resource centre that can serve as a hub to disseminate information, support collaborative efforts, and develop a network of institutions and individuals working in this field.


Joti Jain is always willing to talk over the phone if you have more open-ended projects or ideas to discuss. Most of the successful changes we have made through the years were at the request of website visitors, so we would love to hear them if you have suggestions.